The Reverend Mother Adrienne R. Hymes

Welcome to Wesley Chapel Episcopal Church (WCEC). We are a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida located in Wesley Chapel, grounded in Jesus Christ and rooted in the rich Anglican tradition of the Episcopal Church. We are a caring, inviting and inclusive community of faith which God is calling into being through our sacramental life, spiritual formation and pastoral care. All are welcome—YOU are welcome!

I am enthusiastic about the hope that WCEC bears as a new faith community in Wesley Chapel. I hope that individuals from our surrounding communities, who are led to worship and serve here, may live towards new versions of themselves which cannot yet be imagined. Throughout WCEC’s early stages of formation, a time of great adaptability and uncertainty, I pray that our reliance on God is necessarily strengthened, and our relationship with our neighbors necessarily deepens.

In collaboration with the Holy Spirit, and the saints of WCEC, I am deeply committed to the formation of the church plant into a sustainable congregation that honors sacred worship space and nurtures the spiritual health of a growing faith community.

As a clinically-trained chaplain, I am keenly aware of the reality that many people live in spiritual bondage and experience lives of spiritual dryness. In John 8:31-32, Jesus said to the Jews who had come to believe in him as he was speaking in the temple treasury, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

The truth of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, once for all, is a powerful message that must be repeated for those who already know Christ and shared with those who do not yet know him. Wesley Chapel Episcopal Church exists to be a powerful instrument for sharing the freeing truth of God’s Word, Jesus Christ. We believe by faith that this truth will transform the hearts of those struggling to overcome the spiritual dryness that only Christ can quench.

When you choose to join us for the first time for worship service you will find that we are a faith community-in-formation. Many of the programming and services that you would find in an established congregation have not yet been established—the operative word is yet. We have been meeting on a monthly basis for the past several months, and will expand to weekly gatherings this summer with Sunday worship anticipated in the fall.

Let’s explore this divine movement of the Spirit together! Visit our webpage often and “Like” our Facebook page (WesleyChapelEpiscopalChurch) to stay connected and up-to-date with church worship and programming. We look forward to welcoming you!